Donna sees life as a journey and her job as a realtor, is to help others reach their new destination. Her rule to live by is Kindness is the greatest Form of Wisdom she practices kindness every day. Donna maintains that her clients best interest is ultimately her best interest. As Suze Orman says: People First, Money Second, Donna is spiritual and respects life. She has a big heart for animals and has been a board member of the St. Clair County Humane Society. Her specialty of course, is fund raising events. She participates in local community projects, such as Projects Kids, Toys for Tots and the Settlement House.

The reason why Donna is the best, she believes the very nature of real estate impacts every man, woman and child on our planet. We all need shelter from the storm. Donna practices the Art of Integrity, although she does not have a crystal ball her knowledge of the market, past and present, allows for educated and sound advice for clients. Making Positive Moves If you want results, get Donna.The Intelligent Choice.